DPEL: Wins Frontier Deal of the Year at the Private Equity Africa Awards

Duet Africa Private Equity won “The Frontier Deal of the Year Award” for its investment in “Sapled” in Ivory Coast, at the 5th Annual GP & Advisor Awards organised by Private Equity Africa.

Private Equity Africa 2016 Awards

Special Recognition

Deal of the Year – Frontier Deal

Sapled – Cote d’Ivoire

GP – Duet Private Equity Limited.

SAPLED is one of the largest Dairy & Fruit Juice processing companies in Ivory Coast, as well as the exclusive owner of the Tampico fruit juice license in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin and Guinea. SAPLED was founded over 25 years ago and over the years the company has built up a portfolio of brands and products that are today well recognised across the regional market. Duet acquired 100% of the company in December 2015 through Duet Consumer Ivory Coast Holding Limited.

Duet Africa Private Equity won the same award in 2013 as well as the “Portfolio Company of the Year Award” in 2014, for “Dashen Brewery” in Ethiopia.

Duet Group continue to develop a key focus on Frontier and Emerging Markets in recent years, positioning itself as one of the leading asset manager in the world with a proven edge and track record in these markets.

Duet Group has invested more than US$ 3.7 billion in Frontier and Emerging markets over the years. The Duet Africa Private Equity team has a strong track record of sourcing, structuring, executing, managing and creating value across the African continent with US$160 million deployed through 4 transactions executed over the past 3 years.

We are very excited to continue to grow and invest on behalf of our investors in those markets.

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